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  • These TIE ON Waistbeads are authentic and handmade from Ghana Africa. 


  • Every color has a different meaning. The string can fit up to a 50” waist size


  • Waistbeads can be for any race, size and gender. Although very fashionable, we ask that you please take a moment to read the history and tradition before wearing.


The tradition extends to Ghana, which is regarded as the Bead Production Capital of the World, where women perceive African waist beads as ornamental and symbolic adornment; and as well as signs of wealth, aristocracy, and of femininity. Beads are said to possess the power to attract and evoke deep emotional responses. In addition, they are believed to be signs of success and affluence as well as spiritual well being.


African women still wear them today to protect themselves from negative energy. They are steeped in the old traditions that attribute the beads to having healing properties. The colors of the rainbows are considered to have balancing properties when used in the crafting. Special powers have even been attributed to those who wear them by the Orb of Djenra. If you know what you are doing, adding certain semi-precious stones can help you heal particular ailments.

Waist beads are created to be worn below the belly. You can find them made with just about any kind of shell, gemstone, glass, plastic, pearl or even clay or wood. Women of all shapes and sizes wear them.


Hidden from view underneath women’s clothing, waist beads increase body-consciousness in a way that lingerie does – they are provocative. The wearer can take pleasure in knowing that they’re wearing something special and beautiful which will please their lover. Strings of waist beads also force the wearer to be aware of their size. Gain five pounds and the beads will be the first to tell you. Since they don’t stretch, like clothes do, they simply roll up the waist until they find a place to sit comfortably. Beads higher up the body equal weight gain and beads lower the body mean weight loss. This means that waist beads are a simple method of monitoring weight without the aid of scales.

African Crystal Waistbeads

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