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It All Started

With Bad Skin...

Before I went to school to become an Esthetician, my skin was crazy. I was that woman who wasn't confident in crowds without makeup. During school was the first time I even thought to see myself as a WHOLE being. I learned more about the ins and outs of my body. learning to connect with my myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The more I aligned myself, the more I noticed how connected I was to everything! When my mind wasn't right, my skin wasn't. When my body wasn't right, my skin wasn’t. And when my spirit was off, so was my skin. 

Then Wellness Found Me...

spa stones

Becoming a licensed Esthetician was my gateway into wellness. It led me to more natural products and a more holistic lifestyle. Juicing literally started making my skin better (even though I’m not 100% vegan, I care about being healthier). I became more intentional about the conversations I had with clients while on the table, getting to know more than just their personalities. 

Now I cared about their overall health and personal upkeep (beyond just lashes). I started educating them and helping them figure out where their skin problems were truly being rooted from. 

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Now I help busy professionals just like you!

I’ve now helped hundreds of women transition their mindsets around skin and teach them about the connection we must have to our spiritual side to truly see results. I’ve even created my own products to help women tend to their higher selves regularly (even with the busiest schedule). 

I promise I won't stop until I help thousands of women (and men) re-align and remember them that "self care is not a reward, but a daily routine!



JT, Your Self Care Specialist

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